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City Scape Play Space


Yellow Dragon Hide/Slide

Yellow dragon hide and slide
Children climb up the mouth of the dragon, push through the inflated doors and slide down into the belly where they can bounce around themed pop-ups. When done, they slide out the opening near the tail. There are clear viewing windows on either side so that parents and operators can watch the kids.

Dimensions: Height  14'      Width  12’       Length 34’

Velcro Wall

Velcro wall
Inflatable velcro wall is consist of a bounce house runway and sticky wall that has velcro on the surface. Players also need to wear velcro suits in order to cling to those walls.  Velcro jumping walls are fun equipment for both adults and kids for any party and event.

Dimensions: 18' L x 11' W x 12' H

Speedway Kids Obstacle

Speedway 3
As popular as the Cars movie, this unit will be a hit at your next event. The younger children will love racing each other through this smaller-scaled obstacle course, complete with inflatable tire pop-ups, mini rockwall, and slides.

Dimensions:  29' L x 17' W x 15' H 

Space Shuttle

Space shuttle
Capturing America's space accomplishments, this very realistic play area lets kids experience space in all its glory. NASA provided photos of the International Space Station and space walk missions for this unit. This inflatable features a giant bounce area and dual climb and slide areas.

Dimensions: Height  24'      Width  20’       Length 46’


Long John Silver

Long john silver
They will climb into Long John Silver and fight against the inflated pirates while jumping around like mad inside the bounce area. They can also climb the block ladder and zip down the enclosed slide.

Dimensions: 20’L  x 13’W